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Suppose I'm at the store, and all I want to view is my "Stuff to Buy at the Store" list in Jorte. How can I view only that list instead of all the tasks on any list?

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In the application, click on the 'Tasks & Memos' area. There should be a Task list button; click on it.

There, you can select and deselect the lists you want to show. If you only wanted to show a single list, you can uncheck the rest of the lists and click Close.

Now, this isn't designed to be used to quickly show and hide lists. Rather, it seems more like a preference. If you want multiple lists and the ability to quickly load just one on demand, I would recommend an app designed specifically for lists, such as List Master.

I use Jorte, but only for my calendars. It isn't well suited for separate lists, but rather a simple todo list.

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