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When I turn on vibration in the notification bar, my phone doesn't vibrate when I get SMS but it vibrates when someone calls me.

I saw that there is a setting in Messaging > Settings > Vibrate where I can check only that option. On some other phones I saw on the internet, there is a new menu that offers you to check always, only in silent mode, and never.

Edit #1: What I want: When I set sound mode in notification bar, it should only give me sound. When I set it to vibrate mode, it should only vibrate. The problem is only with SMS, not with calls. When it is set to vibrate mode, if I uncheck vibrate notification in message settings it will not vibrate, it only turns on display.

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This sounds like the old Gingerbread (Android 2.3.x) had the option to set vibrate to one of three options, from within SMS Messaging App in Settings:

  • Always
  • Only when Silent
  • Never

In the newer version of Android 4.x. Ice Cream Sandwich and upwards, that was changed slightly, now the settings reflect as:

  • Enable, by tapping on Notifications (First, that's a pre-requisite as it will activate the options underneath it Notification tone and Notification vibration respectively!)
  • Then enable, by tapping on this Notification vibration.
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Yes, the settings is like that. But when I check vibration notification, it will vibrate when I get message, although I set in my notification bar sound mode, and I want it to vibrate only in vibrate mode. I want to set my phone to work like that if it is possible. I don't want every time when I turn sound mode to go to these settings and unchecking vibration notification – Olivia Dec 31 '12 at 0:44
Right, correct me, you want to vibrate in silent mode upon receiving a SMS? i.e. no playing a notification sound, yet vibrate? – t0mm13b Dec 31 '12 at 0:51

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