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After updating my Galaxy S3 to Android 4.1.1, I started to experience some problems.

For instance, while listening music or 'surfing' in the phone, suddenly phone starts to 'nearly' freeze for a 1 second and turns to normal life.

If I am listening to music, naturally music stops for 1 second and then continues. I do not know if this is a performance issue, or another thing.

Can someone help? Thanks!

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Most probably it looks like a OS issue, might be firmware related, might be kernel related. Have you tried a factory reset? Or sometimes even a reboot might clear things up. If 4.1 is not working well for you, you can always downgrade by flashing an older firmware via ODIN. Get you firmwares from You will need to register in order to download files from there.

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thanks for answer. – oeda Jan 3 '13 at 21:48

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