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I love the NFC functionality of my LG L5, but the sounds are too annoying.

Is there a way to customize or disable the sounds that are played whenever a tag was read?

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Most Android sounds are in .apk files and are a pain to edit. You have to find a way to open them, then you can remove or edit the sound, finally you have to package them up and sign them.

It's much easier to use NFC Task Launcher.

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I finally figured out how to do this, at least on my phone (OnePlus One).

You have to first install the Xposed framework, then install this module. In the module configuration, there are several settings, including the ability to disable some or all of the NFC-related sounds.

Usual caveats about backing up first apply, since the Xposed framework does some pretty low-level hacking, but all the modules I've experimented with have had no issues.

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