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On my Galaxy S3 (I747, rooted stock ROM, 4.1.1 jellybean), there are a number (currently 66) of files in /data with names following the format RS_##.log, where ## is a 1 or 2 digit number, currently from 0 to 65.

All files are slightly less than 1KB in size and when viewed as text, contain nothing but strings of seemingly random 5 digit numbers, like these.


All files are owned by system and have rw-rw-rw permissions set.

Most of the files have been updated recently (yesterday) and within 1 minute of each other. The rest were updated just over 2 weeks ago, also all at once.

What exactly is creating these files and what exactly are they logging?

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Could RS stand for "Random Seed"? (Not posting as an Answer because it's pure speculation) – Josh Jan 4 '13 at 19:45
@Josh - I wouldn't think so. Unless there's something I'm not considering, a random seed would only be written just before a reboot and the file timestamps don't correspond to any times I've rebooted the phone. – Compro01 Jan 4 '13 at 20:13

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