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Is there a way to read product reviews and find alternative products/suggestions by scanning a barcode with my Galaxy Nexus? I found searchreviews, but it was not so good. If not, are there any web services to achieve this?

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I use ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner to scan barcodes and check for reviews. It works with Google books and other services. You can also let it search online; it will open your browser and search the barcode.

I'm not sure about alternatives, though. But if it takes you to Amazon, Amazon can give you recommendations.

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Flow Powered by Amazon can read barcodes, QR codes, and even does character recognition to read CD, DVD, and book titles, plus some other cool stuff. If you're very much into the ecosystem it's worth a look. (Techcrunch write-up)

Amazon Price Check sticks to just doing price lookups.

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