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The notebooks in Evernote seem to be arranged in alphabetical order. Is there any way to arrange the notebooks in another order, or maybe custom sort/arrange the notebooks?

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As workaround you can prefix the notebook names with non-alphabetic characters to control the sort order. For example I prefix my notebooks with zero to three underscore characters ("_") to sort the notebooks in four groups, as so

  • _Notebook1
  • _Notebook2
  • _Notebook3
  • __Notebook1
  • __Notebook2
  • __Notebook3
  • ___Notebook1
  • ___Notebook2
  • ___Notebook3
  • Notebook1
  • Notebook2
  • Notebook3

You can use any other renaming scheme you find appropriate in your case, for example, simply prefix the notebooks by numbers ("1_", "2_", "3_", and so on).

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Notebooks can only be sorted (in the mobile app, it's the button to the left of the magnifying glass) by:

  1. Title
  2. Note count
  3. User

Maybe you can request for custom sorting from Evernote.

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