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I am pretty much new to the packet sniffing. I found some application for the same Shark for root. I have rooted my phone for the application and I tried logging the packets being transferred from my mobile using the start button available in the application. But all in vain I was not able to log even a single packet, and All the time I open the .pcap file with the sharkreader It gives error as Empty file opened.

I am using Android Gingerbread on my mobile.

Also while stopping the logs, it gives some error executing some Shell commands like killall.

Thanks in Advance.

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See if you still have available memory in your storage. Shark for Root won't record any packets if your device has insufficient memory.

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Hey john, I have 30-35MB free memory in my device while 2GB in my memory card. Can you please help me out. Thanks –  codeomnitrix Nov 18 '13 at 4:46

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