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Is there any way to BOTH

  • decode QR codes for vcard-format calendar events without mangling the dates, AND
  • add them to the calendar (ICS or newer) when recognized?

So far, using QR codes generated from two different sites ( and, I've tried three apps. Two of them (QuickMark Lite and QR Barcode Scanner) misinterpreted the dates, and the one that got the dates right (AT&T Code Scanner) didn't know what to do with it after decoding (all it could do was decode it, and display it lamely in a text window).

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Please note that according to our FAQ questions like "Is there an app for X" are off-topic. I re-phrased your question so it won't get closed due to that fact (guess you could live with a solution not involving any app if there were one ;) – Izzy Jan 9 '13 at 21:25
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Most barcode readers can recognize addresses. For calendar entries, this might vary; but give QR Droid a try, which promises not only to read, but also create them: contacts, bookmarks, apps, geo-locations, events, and even SMS can be encoded as well as decoded. Also 2D barcodes (on products) should be supported.

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Flawless solution. QR Droid worked perfectly & painlessly on the first try with the same QR codes that the two apps I tried yesterday choked on. :-) – Bitbang3r Jan 10 '13 at 19:01

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