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Will the Android app work without internet connectivity and sync with Trello when the internet becomes available?

Can the Android app be controlled as to when to sync with Trello?

We work at sea and would like to use the Android app for storing project data then sync the data with Trello after reviewing/editing project information.

Are we able to store project data offsite from Trello for our own records once a project is complete?

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Just installed Trello. Seems like it's designed for offline viewing, not offline editing.

Perhaps Evernote might be a better option, although it's not really a project management tool.

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You can add cards and view cards and add comments to existing cards while offline, but you cannot add comments to new cards you create while offline. You also cannot view comments, descriptions, or checklists while offline. Changes will be synced when you reconnect to the internet and run Trello.

You can export your Trello board to JSON format, but I'm not sure what can read that format. Business users can export to CSV.

Based on these limitations, it probably would not work for your purposes. You might consider Google Drive or something similar that allows you to work offline and sync when you do go online.

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