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Is there any way to make multiple files or a whole folder available offline in Google Drive at the same time? For the offline folder it would be nice if there was some way when a document is synced to it then the document would be downloaded automatically, is this possible?

I'm currently having to select each file individually and make it available offline which is tedious.

If there isn't the possibility of doing the above in the official Google Drive application are there any other clients available for Android that would allow this?

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Just had the same problem. According to this feature request, the feature is indeed not implemented in the current version of the Google Drive Android App.

Apparently FolderSync does allow this (the free version works as well). You'll need to add Google Drive as a sync account, and then create a new "Folderpair", that allows you to pair a local folder to a remote folder from Google Drive. Each Folderpair is full of options on how and when to sync between the two folders (including in which direction this should happen, etc.). The UI is not super slick but it does the job.

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As UncleZeiv rightly said, the Google Drive app does not support multiple file selection for sharing or other purposes, but there is a simple workaround. Open drive.google.com in your browser, and if prompted, open it in your browser, NOT in Drive app. If it opens in the drive app, then you need to clear this default in Settings (Android Settings, not your browser or drive settings)--> Applications or something similar, and clear defaults for drive. At drive.google.com, you can select multiple files.

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