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I own a Samsung Spica GT-i5700, how can I disable the power-off menu when the phone is locked. I am running CM7.

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This feature is in Cerberus Anti Theft and also in some custom android Roms (Such as Exodous). It doesn't require root but like any anti-theft software there is a paid version as the free one is limited to 30 days. But you could try the Smart Screen Protector App which is also mentioned in one of the other answers.

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I dont think it is possible with that ROM. What you can do is to change the button's task when phone is locked (like Activator on iOS). I think CM7 isn't supports this feature but you can simply find it by google it (button task changer or something like that).

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Try the Smart Screen Protector application from the play store. It claims to disable the lock key when the screen is locked even with the pin. Doesn't require a ROOT device

If it does not work then you can increase the delay time as suggested by the app.

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The Xposed plugin PowerMenuPlus may. If you add A fake power button and lock description, it will stop you device being turned off while locked, and confuse those trying to turn it off.

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