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Is it possible to force the links to open in their respective application and not in the default browser (e.g., Chrome)? For example, I get an email from Pinterest with interesting links for the week. When I click a pin, it opens in Chrome and not in the Pinterest app. This happens with a few apps and was wondering if there's a way to "open link with" type of feature.

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Apps can request that links be opened using the app, using an API called an "intent filter".

If the app has the correct intent filter, you will be prompted to open the link using that app, and the app will then do something with it.

This has to be coded in by the app developer, and there is no way to implement it yourself unless you decompile the app and add it in.

An example of an app that does this is the Google+ app.

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More examples include: Twitter, Google Maps, Foursquare. So it completely depends on the app developers. – Al E. Jan 15 '13 at 20:06
I find it strange that the Gmail app isn't doing that. For instance: on Chrome on Android, click on recent tab showing an email on Chrome desktop; it would make sense in that case to open that email in the Gmail app. – avernet Nov 12 '14 at 18:46

In the general usage, you can't do it. The reason behind the links opening in a browser is that they use the same protocols of normal web links. So if the particular app is NOT a browser, the links have to be opened with a browser app.

But you may have seen some links (particularly links to android apps on the market) can be opened with the Google play market app. This is possible because those links uses market:// in their links rather than typical http://

If you need to confirm it try clearing the defaults of your chrome browser. It will make you choose an app to open a link when you click them. This will give you a open link with option (of course to use the browser apps)

To do this, go to Settings -> Apps and select chrome app. Scroll to the bottom and find a clear defaults button abd click it.

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This isn't actually true. An app can register an intent to open any URL, even if it uses http. For example, the Play Store app will handle links, as well as market:// links. – Dan Hulme Jul 9 '13 at 22:36

This helper app makes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, and Goodreads links open in their apps instead of the browser: Open Link in App

It doesn't yet support Pinterest, but if you're technical, it's easy to add new apps, and doesn't require writing code! Details in the GitHub repo.

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I installed Open Link in App and it's working! I have a database app and added a field for URL in one of the tables and it always open on browser before. Thank you for sharing. – Mr. Xymon Oct 8 '15 at 12:41

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