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Miss this feature from my old 'Berry - easily set to Phone Call Only mode overnight so support calls from work ring through but text/email notifications are silent. Is there a way to have similar one touch on/off functionality? Thanks

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You can use blocking mode. A feature in the Samsung TouchWiz devices (I believe made available in 4.0).

Settings -> Blocking Mode

  • Enable blocking mode
  • Uncheck "Disable incoming calls"
  • Set the time that blocking mode should be enabled
  • Sleep until the phone rings

Blocking Mode

If you still want to actually receive the notifications for email and text messages you can do the following:

  • Go to Settings -> Sound
  • Select Volume
  • Turn up Ringtone
  • Turn down all the others


While these are not "one touch", you can do the second one right from the home screen.

  • Just hit the volume button
  • hit the button to expand the volume controls
  • adjust the volume of all the settings
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The blocking mode was added in the 4.1 jelly bean update, which should be available to pretty much everyone by now. – Compro01 Jan 17 '13 at 17:45

you can do this easily by using Timeriffic. All you have to do is setup a new time triggered task. At the set time, you can make the notification volume to zero. After the set time you can make it change the volume back to normal level

I suppose you want to mute the notification sounds rather than disabling them.

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I came from BlackBerry too and I've used the Quick Profiles app on my Atrix for exactly this purpose, and you can create multiple profiles.

  • to allow phone calls to come through at night while muting all else.

It's free and offers a lot of flexibility (e.g., settings such as screen time-out, brightness, etc.)

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