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One of my cousins left me a voicemail saying that he wants to buy a tablet PC for his wife, and that he's trying to decide between the iPad and the Droid-Pad on Verizon. My google-fu turned up articles about an upcoming Motorola Droid-Pad, but it looks like that product hasn't been released at this time (December 2010) or even officially named.

Am I missing something? Is there a Droid-Pad available? Could he be talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

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He probably is talking about the Galaxy Tab. Most non-android-enthusiasts tend to refer to anything that runs on Android as "Droid." There are a number of Android tablets available right now, and as you saw Motorola is releasing a tablet at the beginning of 2011, but the only one available through Verizon is the Galaxy Tab so that's probably what he's talking about.

If you are going to give him advice, I'd say the most relevant difference (that he may not pick up on from comparing the specs) between the two tabs is that the Galaxy supports Flash and the iPad does not. There's lots of other differences but most people don't understand the implications of this. For example, my friend bought his wife an iPad for her birthday not too long ago and she hates it because all she wants to do is browse all her shopping sites, most of which turn out to be powered by flash.

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