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I just downloaded JellyBean on my HTC One X.

I wanted to check APNs, but accidently went to VPN. Then, I had to set the screen lock pattern to access it. Now, I have an extra step when I want to use the phone. Is there any way to disable the screen lock pattern?

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Have you checked in Settings -> Security -> Screenlock? –  Izzy Jan 19 '13 at 15:28
Yes screen lock only shows the pattern to draw on, the only option is to a time frame to keep phone unlocked up to 15 mins. I may have to do a factory reset. –  user27006 Jan 19 '13 at 23:45
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2 Answers

First, remove the VPN entry. Settings will not let you remove the pattern unlocker until you do so.

Then choose a "Slide" option from Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock

I had the same problem and this works

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You can disable screen locks by going to Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock

On a side note, it's a good practice to use a screen lock, preferably a pattern, a PIN or a password.

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