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Both MediaMonkey and MusicBee, as music players let you 'rate' songs from 1 to 5 stars. I would like to have this functionality as well in an Android app. The main problem is syncing these ratings. Android apps like NRG Player do have a rating, however if I rate songs using NRG Player, they are not 'understood' by neither MediaMonkey nor MusicBee. Also, any ratings I give to songs via MediaMonkey or MusicBee are neither understood by the NRG Player.

Is there any app which reads/writes ratings in the same format that either MediaMonkey or MusicBee do? Or any app which syncs such ratings?

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After I posted this question, I found out that 'PlayerPro' music player allows you to choose the type of ratings it saves to. MediaMonkey is one of them, so this basically is what I needed. Unfortunately, it is not a free app, but for me although this is a tiny feature, this is something I'm willing to pay for.

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Simple answer

You can do this with Media Monkey remote app

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That doesn't let you play songs on your Android phone. It lets you see what is playing on the desktop, and control it via your phone. While this is extremely cool and I will certainly be using it - What I need is a music player for Android, which will allow me to play music and rate them on the phone, and then I can copy them back to the PC and the ratings are read by MediaMonkey. – Karl Cassar Jan 21 '13 at 10:43

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