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I'm looking for a ePub reader to read a collection of .epub files I have but so far each one I've tried has had problems because I don't have an SD card in my phone or I haven't been able to figured out how to get it to read a file that I uploaded to the device.

Anyone know of anything I can use?

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Assuming, you have a Nexus, the internal memory should show up as a normal SD card would in other phones. When you connect your phone to a PC and then MOUNT it, it ought to show up as a removable drive.

You can use Aldiko - it's an eBook reader (currently freeware) that works well with epubs.

  • Copy the .epub file and drop it in your phone (after mounting)

  • Place the .epub file in * phone_directory/ebooks/import

  • Unmount, and start Aldiko

  • Press the menu key, and hit import, give it some time to copy the file, and you're done!

The newly imported book should now show up on your bookshelf.

The official FAQ might also help.

EDIT: An alternative (easier) method using the same app, available on Google Play.

I found that I could import the .epub without connecting the device to a PC. This was verified with a Nexus 7, which does not have an SD card.

  • Navigate to Aldiko's main page. After selecting Files, you can browse the files on your device.
  • Select the .epub file you want to read and select Import.
  • The .epub will show up in the Aldiko library.
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