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That is, I want my browser to start with two tabs open, set to two different URLs. I have tried putting " |" into the URL but that does not seem to achieve the intended effect.

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No, it's not possible.

How did I get such result? As always I started to google this possibility but found nothing interesting. So I decided to check Android Browser source code. If you want you can download it by typing in console:

git clone

After 5-10 minutes (I'm not new in programming) of looking repository I found 2 facts:

1) The homepage is saved as one String (Java type).

2) The homepage is opening by calling this function (in

public Tab openTabToHomePage() {
    return openTab(mSettings.getHomePage(), false, true, false);

So as you see (If you know programming a bit) it returns one tab, not several (like List<Tab>).

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Kudos for taking the time to read the source. I should have done that but wasn't familiar with Android source tree to quickly find the browser code. – merlin2011 Jan 22 '13 at 22:39

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