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So far I've never purchased anything from the Market but just installed free apps. Now, I'd like to purchase an app and I want to make sure the Market is using the correct Google account, since I have two (one personal @gmail.com and one from a Google Apps account for work). How can I do that? Do I just assume the first account in the list is the one used in the market? Keep in mind that I don't really remember which account I added first.

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Not exactly what you are looking for but a post here says you can clear data in the market app to switch accounts. Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Select Market app > Select Clear Data. –  gary Dec 19 '10 at 16:16

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Note that the Google Play Store now allows use of multiple accounts! In the app, press the Menu button and hit Accounts to see the currently selected account and to choose another.

When you buy or install an app, it will show the email address being used (on the preview page, where you select the payment method, permissions and such). You can still back out at that point. It's right at the top, at least in the newest Market.

enter image description here (bigger picture here)

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Generally it is the first Google account you add to the phone that is associated with the market.

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This seems to no longer be true. There have been many reports (including my own) of situations where the last account added is the account that is associated with the market when accessing through a web browser. –  John Jan 17 at 4:32

It's probably worth noting that standard Google Apps accounts can't use Checkout at all, so you can't put a credit card on them, and so can't pay for Market Apps. Only Apps accounts upgraded over the last couple of months to the upgraded Apps accounts can (if your account was upgraded you should have got an email with the title "Your Google Apps account now works more like a full Google Account." If you haven't then the only account you can use to buy apps on the Market is your personal one.

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Yon can buy apps on http://market.android.com/ using browser. This way you can be sure with which account you are logged in.

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If you visit play.google.com and click on "My Android Apps", you will be able to see which apps were downloaded for each of your accounts. On mine, my entire app list shows on my personal Google account, and only the system apps show on my Google Apps account. If you have a similar scenario, it's probably safe to conclude that your personal account will be used for on-device purchases.

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