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Possible Duplicate:
Full Backup of non-rooted devices

I'm going to flash (format) my Samsung Galaxy S2 (both the external sd and internal sd) . My phone is not rooted. But there are some app's data that i want to backup before formatting.Those are some of my games' progress,Mozilla Firefox's history,bookmarks etc,Opera Mini history etc. , and the songs i tagged in Shazam . How am i supposed to do that since i know that you can't backup app data such as game progrees if your phone is not rooted ? Also i can't access those apps,whenever i open them they constantly crash,this started 1 week ago,that's why im gonna flash my device (but this is another thread's subject).I would appreciate help with any of the apps above.

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After 2 years I stumbled upon this question that I asked and it made me smile :) Anyone who comes up to this question today, just use Helium Backup. It backups your app data (game progress etc.) without root. I wish I knew this 2 years before :) – Faiq Ömərov Jan 18 at 16:09

You can use the Android sdk. It includes something called adb. Here is a link to a previous question. Full Backup of non-rooted devices .Here is a list of all adb commands.

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