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In Symbian, i can connect and disconnect internet connection directly from my PC. i.e. when i use a dial-up connection on PC the mobile works as a modem. The internet connection is established just for the PC (connection is not shared between mobile and PC) and mobile can not use the internet.

In android however the connection is first established on mobile and then shared with PC and i can not disconnect directly from my PC.

I want the Symbian like connectivity where i can connect/disconnect the internet connection from the PC and use it only on my PC(no sharing).

Is there any way to do it ?

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Looks like you can use Llama to achieve this (wow, Llama can do what Tasker can't? Or does Tasker just not mention it in its manual?). Basically, it should work like this (taking from one of it's screenshots on the playstore app page):

When "charging at home" => Enable Wifi Hotspot

I know, that's not exactly what you described. But it should give you a raw idea. Get yourself the free Llama app from the Playstore, and take a closer look at its possibilities. You might find a "rule" closer to your requirements there.

Alternatively, there are other automation apps available (like e.g. the mentioned Tasker). One of them might do the job better for you (e.g. offering "USB connected" as condition, and "enable USB tethering" as action -- I would wonder if Llama could not do that as well). At least, this example should have got you started.

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