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Is there a way to get rid of all cache, history and cookies automatically. Preferably each time I shut down or start up the browser Opera mini.

If this one doesn't anyone know another browser that does?

Manually deleting each privacy setting all the time is a pain in the ass.

And if no mobile browser supports this is there another way to get rid of all this data automatically?

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Maybe you try two avenues:

  • Dolphin Browser (Which does prompt for to clear cache, etc on exit), there's the Mini version, this version as linked to the Play Store, and the HD version.
  • History Eraser - this clears all the history of SMS, Calls, Browser history etc in one swell foop.
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about this History Eraser.... seriously... i wonder why ppl would install if you checkout what this "so-called-app" permissions wants to have: edit and read my SMS or MMS, My personal information ( read browser history and bookmarks ), Full internet access (why the hell for?)... seriously?? – joland Feb 1 '13 at 21:15
That's what it does, barring internet access (can block it with firewall) it does wipe sms, mms, call logs etc.. – t0mm13b Feb 1 '13 at 21:39

The PC / desktop Opera version has that feature. Unfortunately, it's not available in mobile versions.

You can try the following browsers instead:


  • Settings > Exit Settings > Clear Cache When Exiting
  • Settings > Exit Settings > Clear History When Exiting
  • Settings > Exit Settings > Clear Cookies When Exiting

UC Browser

  • Settings > Clear Data > Clear data on exit
  • Settings > Clear Data > Cookies
  • Settings > Clear Data > Form
  • Settings > Clear Data > History
  • Settings > Clear Data > Cache

As of this time, I prefer to use UC Browser, because Dolphin is giving me a lot of issues on my Samsung Galaxy S2, running CM10.1.

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Dolphin i tried and looks surprisingly nice if it has a no-script add-on or option that its better than chrome or firefox. No-script is a firefox addon that blocks all JavaScript except for the domain you manually allow. – joland Feb 1 '13 at 21:29

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