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I recently made an Android Application for a company and today they ordered 10 tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 3G GT-P5100) with my application. I created a Gmail Account for each Tablet and updated the software and I bought the first copy of my app with a credit card (it was succesfull and everything went perfect). When I tried to buy another copy of my app with the second Tablet I get this error:

Google Play Error

I tested all my 8 Tablets, used another Credit Card, another internet connection (3G) but I wasn't able to buy my own application! I even tried to buy Fruit Ninja and I still get the same error.

The error is in dutch, this is the translated version:

A technical problem occurs.

We can not complete the purchase process because of a technical problem.

Details of the problem:

We cannot process this request. Any charges will automaticly be canceled in 24 hours. Try it again in 24 hours

I am very confused, I recently bought a few apps for my own. I think it's because I used the same credit card for multiple Google Checkout Accounts but I don't think that's the only problem (I tried another credit card). I even called my Credit Card company and they said Google didn't even charged me when the transaction failed so the problem cannot be my Credit Card.

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Have you contacted Google? Seems like that might be more fruitful since the "technical error" message implies an issue on their end (maybe their payment system went down or something). – eldarerathis Feb 2 '13 at 17:41
I was wondering if someone has the same issues, I'll also will contact Google for this problem – ObAt Feb 2 '13 at 18:04

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