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I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. If I use the Samsung Galaxy S3 diagnostics screen (#0#), and choose "Sensor", I get the following values for "ADC":

  • Screen held far away: 16
  • Hand about an inch away: 70
  • Completely Covered by Finger: 166

So, obviously, the proximity sensor is working to some degree. However, any app I try to use seems not to notice the change in values:

  • "AndroSensor" constantly reports 2 inches
  • "Android Sensor Box" constantly reports 0.0cm

Also, my screen always goes blank during a call, even when the phone is not near my face. This problem is worked around by disabling that feature.

The problem persists after a factory reset.

It seems like it would be a calibration issue, but I'm not sure if there's a way to calibrate it without rooting my phone.

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