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I have a Galaxy S2, running Android 4.0.3

I can open a photo attached to a text message. How can I save the photo (not the message)?

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Have you tried a long-press? –  Al E. Feb 5 '13 at 17:10

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When in the message window, "long press" the image (hold your finger down on the image for a second or two) and a menu should pop up giving you the option to download or save the attachment.

When you go to your gallery you'll usually see attachments you've downloaded in a folder called "Downloads" or "Messaging."

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I have a Galaxy S4 running Android 4.2.2

  1. In Messaging in the Message I have been sent a photo.. underneath it says MMS
  2. I tap the photo and it goes fullscreen
  3. I tap the (anachronistic floppy disk) save icon
  4. I can rename it
  5. I hit OK and it responds with: Attachment copied to device storage
  6. It is now saved to:

Internal Storage/Download

  • I use Dropbox to grab it from there

  • It does not appear in my Gallery :(

If I accidentally long-press I choose Save Attachment for the same thing

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