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I have an Cyanogenmod 10.1 ROM installed. I love the Google Search interface and can search most of my phone using it but I am unable to find "Messaging" as a searchable item. I've seen a lot of photos showing "Messaging" as a searchable item but it isn't on my phone.

Would any of you know if this possible in JellyBean? Was it a feature that was removed? Do I need to configure something?


I dug through the Cyanogenmod source and found that a commit was made that removed this functionality. I haven't been able to understand the reason for this:

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I don't know will this help or not, but if you need this option, you can give a try (if you are ready to face the aftermath whatever it is).

First you have to access the system files of your mobile, so you might need Droid Explorer. You may face an error sometime, while showing the android sdk path if you have already installed it in PC. For that you can simply create a folder named android-7 inside your sdk/platforms folder.

Then connect your phone and open Droid Explorer and try locating the particular searchable.xml file which I have no idea where is.

Open it and try changing the false into true.

Sometimes, it might have triggered some other file to change this particular option. I tried myself for sometime using this and I couldn't figure it out.

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