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I have karbonn a9 plus smart phone. It is a dual sim phone, but I only use 1 SIM.

The second SIM signal icon with no network always shows in the notification area. I want to remove it from my notification area.

How do I do this? I have rooted my phone.

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The Xposed Framework can help you with this.

Read about the Xposed Framework and how to install it from here. Verify if your handset is supported. Here are some modules for the framework that you can look into:

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Root your phone. Install Xposed Framework and install a module for hiding the extra sim sign.

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OP stated that their phone is already rooted... – t0mm13b Mar 3 '14 at 20:20
Xposed sounds like a good approach here. But which module are you referring to? A link would be helpful. Meanwhile, there are plenty of Xposed modules around, your question comes close to "install some app from Play" without telling which one to chose :) – Izzy Mar 4 '14 at 12:38

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