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When I open the gallery in my Galaxy Y it shows no items. Also when I open my music player it shows no tracks.

I think it is a system error. If I try to play music using PowerAmp it shows all the tracks in library -- but the stock music player doesnt.

What could be wrong here, and how can I get it fixed?

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Did you check your SD card for any files? –  Sid Feb 24 '13 at 10:34

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Check first your microSD card if it is properly mounted and most importantly have .mp3 in your Music folder.

I had far too many instances where others copied only the shortcut of the mp3 file to their folder, then came looking for me telling that their phone does not detect the music :O

The folder where your music is stored also must not have a .nomedia file present or all files will be ignored.

Lastly, try rescanning your memory card using this app

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