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My Sony Ericsson X8's wifi has stopped working about a few weeks after rooting and installing the GingerDX v030.

Even though it is turned on and scanning, it does not connect to any WiFi.

I have tried rebooting, and also resetting the WiFi antenna (i.e., either by turning it off then on, or by switching to airplane mode and then back out of it).

I have to use the stock kernel otherwise the phone hard bricks.

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Alright, I have managed to solve the problem by looking at some XDA forums.

Basically summarized here: -

  1. Go into the WiFi settings.
  2. Long press a remembered WiFi.
  3. Select Forget All Networks. You might need to do it a few times.
  4. Press the leftmost button (the one with literally four squares) to bring up a bottom menu.
  5. Touch Scan.
  6. Voila! WiFi working again!

The only drawback is that you need to grab passwords for each one of them again. :-(

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Take Backup Reboot in CWM Recovery -format cache -format data -format system -Wipe Dalvik Cache -reflash ROM

In that development site they must have mentioned extra files to flash.Do that too.

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Welcome to Android Enthusiasts Q&A site. Your answer is not a good fit as there's lots of unexplained things - What development site? What extra files to flash, do what too? An answer like that is not exactly like that would only get downvoted or lots of comments explaining/seeking clarification. Kind of like asking a monkey which direction is north, understand how poor it comes across. Might be worthwhile to edit your answer as much as you can to include a lot more information for the reader :) – t0mm13b Jan 31 '14 at 12:39

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