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I have installed many ROMs, and the phone worked fine.

One day (and I don't know why), Windows couldn't recognize my Huawei. Windows can't install the drivers, and it named the phone as "Unknown device". I already tried all options in "Device Manager".

I have tried using another PC, installed and reinstalled the drivers, another OS (Ubuntu), another cable, but still nothing.

USB OTG Helper made this report:

-Root Ok
-Storage Module live
-NTFS read-write supported
-Mount: No drives found!

and USB Host Controller
-S3C USB Host driver NOT found

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please provide 'lsusb -v' output from your Ubuntu system –  Alex P. Feb 26 '13 at 19:07

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Have you installed USB OTG Helper just recently? Did it "coincide" with Windows refusing to recognize your device? If so - that's your answer. Go ahead and disable the application. And do not re-enable it until you actually need it. And then disable it again when you want to connect back to your PC.

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No I installed the "USB OTG Helper" after the problem (just to see any report and try to fix the problem) –  pressplay Feb 26 '13 at 16:44

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