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I have an Mi Traveler Android model 10R2 tablet and I am continuously getting a "memory low" message. I have added a SD card and moved some apps to the card, but still get the same messages. In checking the storage area, it shows the allocation of memory as follows:

  • Total space 3.09GB
  • Apps 84.95MB
  • Downloads 116MB
  • Misc. 19.16MB
  • Available 2.87GB

Then under Apps, it shows the following:

  • Total space 252MB
  • Apps 204MB
  • Available 21.94MB

Is there a way to adjust the memory allocation to increase the allocation for apps?

It seems that I am only getting the low memory when apps are updating or new apps are being downloaded.

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I don't know your tablet model. Does it feature an internal as well as an external SDCard? If so, can you please check how much space is free in "device internal" memory (as opposed to the "internal SD")? This is what causes that error in most cases, as soon as free space drops below ~25MB. –  Izzy Mar 2 '13 at 19:09

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The listed amounts are for the internal memory.

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Would you know the answer to this: Is there a way to adjust the memory allocation to increase the allocation for apps? –  geffchang Mar 3 '13 at 1:52
You can't add more internal memory to the tablet, if that's what you mean. Move some more apps to the SD card so that they don't take up space in the internal memory. –  Wyzard Mar 15 at 17:38

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