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From iOS I'm used to seeing app icon badges and notifications concerning actvity inside apps. Android is lacking app icon badges but it does have a great notification menu -- except that Google+ notifications (the red counter in the black Google bar on all Google's web sites) don't arrive there. I do see the counter in the Google+ app (in Android as well as in iOS) but on Android there's no notification outside of the app.

I think it's weird that Google's awesome social network doesn't send notifications to Google's mobile OS.

I am hoping that it's merely some setting I need to enable on my phone to make these appear. Right? I very much doubt that I really have to launch the G+ app to see notifications, given that so many other apps use Android's notification methods so successfully.

How can I see Google+ notifications in Android's notification list?

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Uhhh...I get Google+ Notifications all of the time.


  • Settings | Apps | Google+ | Show Notifications is checked
  • In the Google+ app, Overflow menu (three vertical dots) | Settings | Notifications is ON. Tap that entry and choose which types of notifications to get. I see
      • Mentions
      • Shares
      • Comments
      • Comments on a post after I commented
      • Circle subscriptions
      • Adds me
    • PHOTOS
      • Tags me
      • Comments on a photo I am tagged in
      • Comments on a photo I tagged
      • Photos added from Instant Upload
    • EVENTS
      • Invitations or updates to events
      • Reminders about events I'm invited to
      • Activity on events I created
      • Invites me to a Community
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Thank you! I saw the setting "Notifications" and it was listed as ON so I figured they were turned on... It is never evident from these Android menus that they actually contain sub-items... I still need to learn to operate Android, it's very different from what I'm used to. – Torben Gundtofte-Bruun Mar 3 '13 at 8:44

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