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I have a ZTE Blade phone, which was sold in Hungary with Android 2.1 and GEN1 radio (Ask Mr. Pigfish said so). About a year ago I updated it with the official 2.2 update released by T-Mobile (the operator). Here is a link to it (the site is hungarian): http://www.t-mobile.hu/lakossagi/keszulekek/szoftverfrissites/telefon/zte_blade_2

Basically the update installed Froyo (2.2). I was content with this.

I have also rooted my phone with z4root. Installed a few apps that benefitted from it.

Now I decided to install Swedish Snow as it seems to be a stable and fast ROM which also preserves battery reasonably.

I have decided to go with the "All-in-one TPT installation method", as it does the following:

  • Updates from GEN1 to GEN2 layout
  • Repartitions internal storage to 128mb /system, 326mb /data, 2mb /cache, 0,1mb /oem. This is a very big plus as the current 220mb /system, 162mb /data, etc... does not allow for a lot of applications (even with moving apps to the SD cart).
  • Installs ClockWorkMod I need a ROM manager for custom roms.
  • Installs Swedish Snow RLS7

After backing up all my data (I did not back up the ROM, just my personal data) and verifying the files with AFV I decided it it all set to go. The image folder is in place, I just need to install it's contents. I wiped all my data, switched the phone off, pulled out the battery, and switched it back on with menu and volume up held. But nothing happened. The phone booted up regularly. I have tried it like 10 times, but the phone still booted up regularly.

After a while I gave up and installed TPT Helper as it was suggested somehere. I also installed Blade Checker, and it told me that my phone looks like it's a Stock/Windows updated GEN2! What? It was clearly GEN1 a while ago, and I have a feint recollection that Mr Pigfish said it's still GEN1 after I installed the official update (though I'm not sure now). I redownloaded Mr Pigfish and it was also telling me it's a GEN2.

Well OK. If it's a GEN2 it is. The official update might have to do something about it. Is this possible?

So how do I install Swedish Snow on a GEN2 phone? I have to do all the steps manually now.

Repartitioning the internal storage? How it is done? Will the stock rom still work after I repartition the storage (by downloading and installing the Gen2v1a package (128 system, 311 data, 2 cache) through TPT Helper)? If not how do I install the new ROM at the same time I repartition my storage? Should I even dare to repartition it?

What version of ClockWorkMod do I install on my phone and when? Before repartitioning? I think this is what I'm looking for but not sure.

What is the most robust way of doing this? There are a lot of tutorials for a lot of related stuff on the internet and they tend to directly contradict each other so I'm not very confident after reading them.

I basically want to install Swedish Snow and possibly repartition my internal storage (if it is relatively straightforward and not unreasonably risky).

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