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Is there a way to browse the contents of my SD card from my Linux (Ubuntu 10.04) machine over WiFi?

I used to connect with a mini-usb cable, or send files through gmail. Surely there must be a way to access the files through wifi.

My main focus is ease-of-use, I don't particularly care about speed or security. Although I do prefer a non-cloud solution due to privacy concerns.

(I have not actively searched for a solution yet. I will do this now, so maybe I will answer my own question. Which, as I understood from Atwood, is proper use of a StackExchange site.)

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I use FTPServer ( ) to browse and copy files to and from my phone over wifi. On Ubuntu you can connect to an FTP server and browse it as if it is a directory.

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That's indeed the easiest I think. (Although I'm using SwiFTP now.) – BlackShift Dec 27 '10 at 15:20

WiFi File Explorer allows browsing of the SD card through a web based interface. Quite nice, but perhaps difficult to copy a large number of files.

On Air (Wifi Disk) 'allows you to easily transfer files over your Wi-Fi connection by accessing it as if it were a drive', but only for Mac I suppose.

SwiFTP is an FTP server, which does what it says.

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