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I have installed android-sdk-linux on my ubuntu 12.04 netbook and I see that the commands android (which opens the AVD Manager) and emulator (to which on appending the name of a specific AVD, the AVD boots) are not found! It suggested qemulator But that turned out to have nothing to do with the android-sdk-linux.

I do know how to boot it via eclipse, where you open the AVD list and then select an AVD and click Start and then Launch.

But I don't want to go through these many stages. Instead I would like Launch it using a single command line viz. the emulator command, which I found on the website I followed installation instructions. Yet I didn't get success.

UPDATE: As our friend suggested, I updated the $PATH variable and had partial success. However there is still an error and I have to get that rectified. Here is what panned out.

aneesh@nb-14:~$ export PATH=$PATH:android-sdk-linux/tools
aneesh@nb-14:~$ emulator @Andreud
emulator: ERROR: This AVD's configuration is missing a kernel file!!
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Have you setup your $PATH variable correspondingly (to include the Android Emulator's directories which hold those executables)? – Izzy Mar 8 '13 at 12:42
Thanks very much! I updated the $PATH variable and updated the question also. – Host-website-on-iPage Mar 8 '13 at 13:05
Superb! But placing the answer inside the question is suboptimal :) Would you like to convert it into an answer (you can answer your own question, and are even encouraged to do so) -- or do you prefer me doing that? – Izzy Mar 8 '13 at 13:45
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The Error stating that the AVD's config is missing a Kernel file is because when I checked the AVD Manager, the concerned AVD had a red cross-mark against it! Once I repaired this AVD I found that the error was eliminated!

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