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How can you set the in-call volume to be higher for Android 2.2, please? In the Settings options there's only these options:

Incoming Call Volume (which I presume is the ringer volume) Media Volume System Volume (which would probably increase the in-call volume, but all the others as well) Notification Volume

Thank you.

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From searching android forums I see that some people had screen protectors covering the speaker. Could this be your issue?

I also saw reference to the Quick Settings app which has a Voice Call Volume setting. Hopefully you can set that to its highest setting and your calls will at least be set to the loudest setting.

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Thanks, Gary. There's no screen protector. I gave forums a search as well before posting only to see some having sound too low and other having it too high... I'll give that app you're mentioning a look and come back. Thank you. – Francisc Dec 28 '10 at 17:56
Hey. It's a really useful application, however it does what the side volume keys do. This probably means I must raise the Master level to get better spearker volume, which is something I would have wanted to avoid. – Francisc Dec 31 '10 at 14:42

During a call press the volume UP (+) button. You're bound by what levels the manufacturer allows for in the phone & any other law needed to be met within your country.

If you're technically inclined,

Flash your phone with a kernel that uses Pershoot audio booster (usually OC/UV)

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Thanks, Sparx. I had already tried the side volume keys, I'm not that 'amateurish', although the question does look like that at first glance. – Francisc Dec 28 '10 at 17:55

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