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I was wondering how much space Navfree needs for its maps. I know it depends on what parts of the world you download, so is there any place I can check it, other than the app itself? (Alternatively how much does it take to download the entire world, Europe and France for instance.)

(Note: I think this is a good place to ask this? Couldn't find where it would be asked better, please tell if I'm wrong and I'll move it.)

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As you had said yourself, the maps size can be known only when you start to download. The app itself takes approx 20Mb (Total size = App size + data) and it includes no map (actually app will say installing World map, but unless you download a country's map you wouldn't be see anything on screen that resembles a map).

Map for France:

Map for France You might also be interested to download other stuffs other than map. For instance for UK, you can download postcode database which can be very useful for locating a destination without Internet connection. Also, it would be worth while to download speed cameras database so that you would get a warning when you approach one and warn if your current speed is high to cause you trouble.

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