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I'm using Galaxy Note 2

Nowadays, every link in FB app and in Whatsapp is opened in the native browser

I want to make Chrome the defualt browser for all actions including these two apps.

How can I do this?

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Head to Settings -> Apps -> All -> Internet -> Clear Defaults. Next time you do a search or open a link, you'll be given a choice of which app you want to open it with. Select Chrome and put a tick in the "Make Default" checkbox and that should make Chrome the default browser.

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While j0chn's description works (and also does work for other "default apps"), it might not be the most user-friendly approach. As Android itself does not offer anything else, you might want to pick a helper. Default App Manager is such a helper:

Default App Manager Default App Manager
Default App Manager (Source: Google Play); Click images to enlarge

As the screenshots show, this app lists up default apps defined and lets you clear those defaults -- but it also lets you define them.

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I did it like this:

Go to Settings→application manager→all. There to "internet browser", click on that and delete that "is default". When next time started the desktop link asked me for default browser.

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