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I put custom ROM ussrv8_evanlocked@ogy@xda after rooting my Samsung Galaxy Y, and then I wanted to update kernel to overclock my phone (I followed this set of instructions).

Now the phone is not starting. It shows

E:failed to mount/cache(invalid argument)
E:can't mount/cache/recovery/last_log
E:can't open /cache /recovery/last_log 

in recovery mode. I tried to reboot, but then it shows can't mount data/rebooting... and the phone shows the Galaxy Y logo.

I also tried to unbrick by Odin in download mode, but whenever I'm trying to connect the phone with PC it shows "device driver is not successfully installed".

What to do?

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Please help.I'm still stuck –  Samson Mar 16 '13 at 18:50
Have you done a full wipe, reflash the ROM from recovery. You can install the USB drivers with Samsung Kies but make sure ALL kies processes are NOT running when you use ODIN. I'd say try and wipe the device and flash a ROM again from scratch. –  RossC Nov 19 '13 at 8:24
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