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Always, when I used to download or update applications on my phone LG there was no problem But now, while I'm downloading or updating some application , there is a problem:

Authentication is required. You need to sign in.

But I'm signed in.

What can I do to resolve this problem?

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I was going crazy about the same on my Optimus 4X: That prompt came on each action, each sync, each single app I've tried to install/update. Always I had to enter my password, then it worked. I could not figure out the cause. After 2 days it suddenly stopped. Not sure whether it was a problem with a Google server, of if switching on mobile data and moving around the city triggered it (up to then, I was connected with WiFi only). Do you have mobile data enabled? Switching cells/locations? – Izzy Mar 16 '13 at 12:04

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