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Scenario: - No Google account is attached to the phone - No apps have been installed beside ones that where already on the phone (even after a factory reset)

Questions: - Is it possible to let the apps update without entering any Google account? - Can apps update in the background when no Google Account has been entered into the phone?

I could not find this information in the FAQ.

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Its not possible... You need a google account to download any app and to do any kind of operation on the apps.

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No Google Account means no Play store.

And one thing is clear, if you don't sign in with Google account then it will not allow you to download or update any application from/to play store.

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You want be able to access Google Play. So none of the normal automatic updating will work. Some apps may be avalible from other sources in which case you may be able to update them manually it will be an app by app thing.

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