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My rooted Galaxy Nexus has a broken screen. How can I use my PC (ie, via ADB) to control the phone?

androidscreencast would be the ideal solution, but its keyboard/mouse control feature does not work in Jelly Bean. Perhaps someone knows why and we can patch the code? (see:

Installing a VNC server is another, but for the love of me I can't get it to work. Eg, using Droid VNC Server, I install the apk, and am supposed to execute /data/data/org.onaips.vnc/files/androidvncserver but there is no files directory inside org.onaips.vnc (instructions from here: VMLite is another VNC server that can be started with a special Windows utility (and doesn't need root!) but it's not OSS so I can't get the apk in order to install (Google Play is not pushing apps to my phone prob because I disabled some service--let me know if I can force Google Play to update itself from ADB or install the app). fastdroid-vnc is a binary (not apk) and it runs fine via shell, but something is broken and it shows nothing.

What are my options? Let's make this a community wiki, to help anyone who's broken their screen!

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Webkey is a great app for this. On top of being a VNC server, it is also a web host. You go to your phone's IP in a web browser, and you control your phone via the page's VNC viewer.

It also has services for file transfer, GPS location, and a bunch more. And, it lets you define users and passwords, along with different services each user is allowed to access (view only, view and control, gps, etc). And the web server can be accessed over https as well as http, so you can encrypt your connection (it's a self-signed cert).

The only downside I can think of is that I don't know if it can be initially configured without having access to the touchscreen. Perhaps if you configure it on another phone, then you could side load the apk and copy the settings to your broken phone. About the only thing you would need to figure out in that case is how to add the app to SuperUser's list of allowed apps.

For those who care, WebKey is open source and free. Just icing on the cake.

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Thanks, but it's really the ability to start it from the command-line that is key. – Aleksandr Dubinsky Mar 22 '13 at 15:14

use MyPhoneExplorer. This fits all your requirements, however for the first time when you connect you should have enabled ADB Debugging under developer Options
you can make call, hang call, SMS, read contacts, backup, start an app, play a game. what not. I have been using this for past 5 - 6 years.

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One word: Vysor

Using the vysor to control my Xperia Z2. See the state of my phone, but Vysor came to the rescue.

Using vysor to control my Xperia Z2

*if phone reboots and won't connect after plugging in, try removing the micro sd card. Mine wouldn't work at all until I did so - random phone smasher

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I wonder what it needs. It tells me on my Android 4.2.1 and 4.4.2 that screen is unavailable and a restart would fix it, which of course is never fixed. On which Android version did you test this tool? – Firelord Feb 19 at 16:23
@Firelord Android 5.1.1. You've tried different usb ports? Its hard to tell where the problem lies, but perhaps it might be as a result of the OS version. – Rexford Feb 19 at 19:32

You could try to use AndroidScreenCast for you purposes - it's maintainable version of original androidscreencast. It requires only Java and ADB, no phone client, so just run it and use it. I've just tried it with Nexus 4, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean emulator. And, actually, I'm currently the maintainer of the project, so if you got any questions or issues - contact me via github.

And here's link for Windows bundle: androidscreencast.7z of latest release.

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