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I have a Galaxy Note II and I syncronized my Facebook gallery by mistake. I've tried to disactivate the sync from the Settings (Settings > Account) by unchecking the "Sync gallery" option but the photos still remain in the phone gallery. I can't even remove them from gallery beacuse there's no option shown. Thanks in advance.

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Unckecking the Sync gallery will not remove the albums.

Just uninstall Facebook application from your phone. This will remove all your Facebook albums from the stock gallery.

Upon reinstalling Facebook, don't forget to uncheck Sync gallery.

This did the trick for me :)

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That worked for me too. Thanks! – shoyip Apr 3 '13 at 15:16

Just in case somebody stumbles upon this question - you don't need to uninstall Facebook. Just open the Gallery, press the menu button and go to "Content to display" option. Uncheck Facebook there. Done.

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but like this you cannot remove the photos, you just hide them. – shoyip Sep 4 '13 at 6:16

Uninstall Facebook. Then go to Settings > Application Manager > All > Gallery > Clear Data.

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