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I wish to setup ADB for MK808

I used Moborobo and it installed ADB driver.

When I connect MK808 I see "ADB Interface - ADB Device" in Device Manager (instead of unknown device MK808B)

I added 0x2207 to adb_usb.ini in \Users\ It is mine device ID and it was one of common IDs in Moborobo .android folder.

If I connect MK808 I see that device in Device Manager if I disconnect it disappear.

I works only when I able USB - Connect to PC and USB Debugging. So they are checked as well as allow unknown sources.

But adb is not working and do not see it.

I use Windows 7 64 bit.

PS MK808 shows Bugs debugging icon when connect.

PS on Windows XP I did a trick by taking Google USB driver. I added 2207/0006 device ID and installed it. I also got same buggy icon on device when connected.

and new device in ADB device in Device Manager. But adb is not seeing it. I added adb_usb.ini to .android folder in my users folder.

I rebooted device many times as well.

I can connect my phone and adb works fine.

When I say adb is not working it means adb devices return 0 list and logcat is waiting for device

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just use google usb driver in sdk/extra/google/usb_driver/android_winusb.inf you must add three lines in the file

;MK808B %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_INSTALL, USB\VID_2207&PID_0006&MI_01 %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_INSTALL, USB\VID_2207&PID_0006&REV_0222&MI_01

Then update the MK808B driver select from disk, use this file sdk/extra/google/usb_driver/android_winusb.inf then select first option is work fine for me.

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In Ubuntu I was able to connect MK808B !!! by adding udev rule like offered here and adding device ID to adb_usb.ini

If there would be no Windows 7 solutions then I will mark my answer as responded

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