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My Galaxy S with the Samsung Android built on it offers me the option the run the phone as a W-LAN acess point that connects to the internet via mobile data.

I would like to configure the access point to start working immediately after booting the phone.

How to do that?

Bonus points if the setting can be achieved via adb and/or if I can set the wifi-password from adb as well.

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For readers: User Axel in a link-only answer reported this link: How to auto start Wifi hotspot on Android 4.4.4? Seems useful. – Firelord May 2 at 23:36
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The WiFi password IMHO is only setup once, when you configure your device's hotspot. Lateron, you simply activate/deactivate it.

To automate the latter, you could e.g. use Tasker:

Profile "AutoHotspot":

  • Condition: "Device Boot"
  • Task: "WiFi Tether" → set On

With this profile activated, your Hotspot would be automatically be enabled as soon as the device has completed booting up.

For the "bonus point" you mentioned: There's a free 7-day trial available on the Tasker Homepage. You can download the .apk to your computer, and use ADB to install it on your device (adb pm install)...

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Thanks, that is already helpful. The "bonuspoint" was about if there is a way to do the whole setup from adb. In the context of your answer, that would mean installing tasker, setting the profile, and configuring the wify password. Imagine a phone screen that is broken or unresponsive. – Konstantin Schubert Mar 25 '13 at 14:38
I understood that -- was just "playing with words" here. I'm not sure whether that's fully doable via ADB -- even if you prepare the .xml for the profile and adb push it to the device, I have no idea whether Tasker offers an intent you could invoke to import the profile. – Izzy Mar 25 '13 at 14:41

Regarding the bonus points and starting via adb on a device with broken screen, I think Herb Peyerl found a good solution here: Auto start hotspot on Android 4.4.4

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