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I own an HTC desire(android 2.3.5) and suddenly the phone rebooted, and after a minute, it rebooted again (I hadn't typed in the pin)... When I opened my sms app (handcent) I got no messages...

I've searced in /data/data/com.handcent.nextsms and found a .db file of it must be my sms...

What can I do to restore my sms?

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If handcent stores the SMS in its own database, the usual SMS-backup/restore apps won't be much help. I don't use handcent, so I don't know if it offers a backup itself -- but if, you might want to restore a previous backup (make a copy of the .db file before cannot hurt). You could also copy the .db file to your computer to get the messages out of it with e.g. SQLiteman, though that wouldn't be a real "restore"... – Izzy Apr 20 '13 at 16:00

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