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I have just bought Samsung Galaxy Grand phone featuring android jelly bean. I am trying to download some app using my mobile data. But, it doesn't download application, while I am not connected to wi-fi network. It downloads apps while I am connected to wi-fi without any issue.

Can anybody suggest me, what setting is restricting me to download without wi-fi network?

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If I understood you right you want to acces play store without internet connection? If yes then you can't do it. If I made a mistake understanding you and you want to acheive something else, I apologize. – Anila Mar 25 '13 at 9:43
@Anila: No, I don't want to access playstore without internet. I want to access it using my mobile operator data service instead of wi-fi. – Rumit Parakhiya Mar 25 '13 at 9:56

There are two things to check.

  1. Go into Settings from the Play Store app's menu. The third one down is Update over Wi-Fi only. Turn this off if you want to download apps over a cellular internet connection. It's on by default so that if you have to pay per kb of data you don't get surprised by a large bill.

  2. Apps larger than a certain size (I think 50 MB) only download over Wi-Fi regardless of this setting. (The Play Store app will prompt you if you try to download a large app and you're not on Wi-Fi.) This applies to lots of games but not many applications.

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Finally, I got it resolved. The issue was with APN settings provided by my service provider. Fixing that fixed downloading issue.

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