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I had recently partitioned my SDCARD to work with my phone. Added an EXT4 and FAT32 partitions. After a power failure the data got corrupted. I can still see it but it's not the same as before. I've tried the following programs:
fsck.ext4 Works but doesn't do anything. After a relaod of the card still shows the same.Applies to all of the above
palimpset -- Error calling fsync(2) on /dev/sdd1 : I/O Error
gparted -- Attempt to write sectors 128-128 outside of partition on /dev/sdd
None helped.
So my question is. What can i use to make it work again. Any low-level formatting tools? Can my card be somehow in R/O mode?
Also ClockworkMod Recovery seems to not be able to partition/format it. It just says it completed the operation but nothing changes.

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Using a card reader, try HP's Disk Storage Format tool

I use this to reformat fake overcapacity flash disks to proper size before and it made my kingston 4gb usb work again after getting corrupted.

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Failed to format the device :( – Genesis Mar 29 '13 at 13:35

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