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I have printer with USB OTG capability which I want to use with my Android Tab (as USB device).

Is this possible -- and if so, will it work for all Android versions from 2.3 up? Is there any driver needed for this communication?

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I don't know the device, but usually there's some driver required for the communication with printers. Have you checked the playstore? I never came across something concerning directly-attached printers, but there are several for CUPS or special printers around, not necessarily involving the cloud. If your printer supports PostScript, check out this list. – Izzy Apr 20 '13 at 17:07

Did you try this App? Supports Ethernet, USB or Serial (with serial-USB adapter).

Also, try this app from Opera Mobile Store. If this app doesn't work with your printer, send printer profile to the app server. They might add support.

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